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May 29, 2007



love the fingers and toes! My 8 y.o. twins just had theirs done to kick off the summer - although we are in school til mid June. The last day is always a 1/2 day and we go out to lunch and head back home to swim in the pool but if it's raining we go to the movies. AND yes, sleeping in the next morning is a MUST! LOL.


oh GAWD Sharon that is adorable! what an awesome tradition!


What pretty little toesies and nails. Being retired I would have to say packing up my winter wardrobe and unpacking my summer things. (Our home is small - I really don't have THAT large of a wardrobe - and do not have room for both in one closet.


My sons school is right next to a donut shop. The 1st & the last days of school are real short--literally they go for an hour on those 2 days. So after a whole whoppin' hour of school we go next door and have donuts

Sherri (sherristampsalot)

CUTE little nails & toesies! Although it's not the last day of school for us, we kick off summer on Memorial Day by going to the beach! We drive 2 1/2 hours to spend 5 hours on the beach and then drive 2 1/2 hours back home. Yesterday was a glorious day! :)

Ruth Bingle

Sharon,I am so enjoying your blog! and I LOVE these little toes and fingers! How fun is that!
My own kids moved back home from college 2 days ago, and took me out to dinner to celebrate Mother's Day.. just a little late! How fun to be with them! I never realized how great it would be to enjoy your kids as ADULTS! Yippee!!
Thanks again for sharing your creativity. you are a real inspiration.


Oh, how sweet!

Diane Lapointe

That's a wonderful ritual!!!
I don't have any children,so no rituals.
But yours is a great one I must say!

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