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March 19, 2009


Debbie Olson

Bwahaha--sorry, Sharon--mine is a picture of a polka dotted stamp mounted on acrylic--VERY boring, I promise!

Melanie Muenchinger

"unsuspecting" is right LOL! your girls are gorgeous!

6th and 6th/ eek, Im afraid to go look!!

Patter Cross

Okay, that is TOO funny as I was reading about your dd's naturally curly hair. My triplets have naturally curly hair like your dd's. People always asked me if I permed their hair too!!!! One man even asked me one time if I curled it for them every morning. LOL! Anyway, adorable pictures!!! Your girls are precious!

cathy tidwell

Oh what cuties your girls are! I had to laugh too, because when my daughter was young, she had the curls too and I actually replied to someone what you said when asked, lol!

Kelly Landers

What beautiful girls you have! I love the curls!! I remember putting my girls in foam rollers to get hair like that for Easter morning! LOL!

Cathy Green

Lovely girls! What gorgeous smiles! They look like they are having so much fun! Have a happy first day of spring! Cathy

Gabriela (Gabi With An Eye)

I'm SO glad you played along Sharon. My DD also has the same naturally curly hair and she and I usually get asked the same question. My DD gets one additional question tho, they always ask her if I had her hair colored or highlighted. You see, I'm a dark brunette and she's a blonde. Very strange for a Mexican mother to produce a blonde child. My DH says I just have weak genes. Your babies are beautiful.


Gorgeous children! I'd say they take after their mom :->> Speaking of perms... yikes...did that bring back memories.... My mom DID perm my hair - not as a toddler but by age 7... I had the worst frizz and tight curls.. always for school picture time!! Thanks for the smiles, and thanks for sharing your pics.


Love your pictures! Your girls are so cute...your husband must be as handsome as you are beautiful to produce such gorgeous children! I am having so much fun going to all my favorite blogs roday to see the 6th from the 6th...fun when everyone plays along. Thanks Sharon for all your wonderful inspiration!

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