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June 16, 2009


 Lori Craig

Well isn't this the cutest... I so love that salad. Maybe we'll have that tonight. :)

Angie J

This sounds like the taco salad I make minus the beans. Its delicious!

Jenn E.

This is so stinkin' cute, Sharon! The recipe sounds really yummy too.


Sounds like MY taco salad as well -- except we like using canned Chili Beans (not chili -- but seasoned chili beans) in place of the kidney beans; and we just had it last night. I use Taco Seasoning in the meat. I got this recipe from a fellow teacher back in the 1970's. If you keep the shredded lettuce separate, you can even have it for leftovers because it won't get soggy. Your recipe card is really cute.

Tami McBeain

I love your recipe cards, I wish all my recipes looked this good, most of mine are scribbled down on scratch paper! The inchie taco is adorable and the taco salad sounds yummy!

Debbie Fisher

sounds yummy and is a beautiful recipe card!


Even if I didn't like taco salad, I would make it because the card is so inspirational.


Ooohhh! That lil' mini taco stamp is the cutest! And as if your King Ranch Chicken wasn't good enough...now you're teasin' me with this Taco Salad recipe? Sheez, my double chin is grinning big time for ya Ü
Thanks, Sharon!!


How cute is that? Too pretty to store with the recipes.

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